Nukkehammer's new video for 'Helltorn and Depraved' reminds that as bad as things are right now they could actually be worse

These can feel like dark, desperate days, and "Helltorn and Depraved," the latest offering from the noise merchants in Nukkehammer, shoulders into the chaos, piling on larynx-straining vocals, carpet-bomb drums and abrasively skull-ripping riffs.

The accompanying video pairs these sonic horrors with historical footage of warplanes, military bombing runs and houses being evaporated by nuclear blasts, the latter of which are so perfectly timed to the music that you might question if it's the nukes or the Nukkes laying waste to the assorted abodes. (It's definitely the bombs.)

Click here to purchase the band's equally destructive 2019 EP, A Distant Hissing in Your Ear, and check out the video for "Helltorn and Depraved" below.