Plus, the Stay Away From Each Other Get Together Car Parade

While Ohio’s “stay at home” orders remain in place, the long-held monthly tradition of Gallery Hop will once again rely on virtual experiences rather than in-person hobnobbing in the Short North. 

Beginning at 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 2, hoppers can tune in to the Short North Arts District Facebook and Instagram accounts to see new local artwork, as well as cooking demonstrations and performances by local musicians.

According to the Short North Alliance, “viewers can expect to see work from Lindsay Gallery’s new show ‘Random Acts of Art,’ featuring one piece each from a group of the gallery’s artists; new paintings and a behind-the-scenes in-process video from Sherrie Gallerie artist Michael Blaiser; and Sean Christopher Gallery’s new show ‘Old School 3: Annual Group Exhibition of Works by Select 1970s and 1980s Alumni of the Columbus College of Art & Design.’”

Many other locals artists will also be featured. 

Before Gallery Hop kicks off, the Short North Civic Association is also hosting the “Stay Away From Each Other Get Together Car Parade,” during which vehicles will make their way through the Short North and Victorian Village honking their horns and yelling and waving to passersby (all from an appropriate social distance, of course), which sounds a bit more like a traffic jam than a parade, but hey — work with what you got. The parade route is below.

Line-Up: Come on to Dennison from Buttles. Line up begins at noon.
1. South on Dennison (cars to line up on Dennison on E Curb of Goodale Park)
2. Right on Poplar Av to Neil Av
3. Right on Neil Av to 5th Av
4. Right on 5th Av to High St
5. Right on High St (careful through construction zone) to Poplar
6. Right on Poplar Av to Park St
7. Right on Park St to Buttles
8. Left on Buttles to Dennis
9. Right on Dennison Av to 3rd
10. Left on 3rd Av to Highland
11. Left on Highland St to 2nd
12. Left on 2nd Av to Hunter
13. Right on Hunter Av to 1st
14. Left on 1st Av to Buttles
15. Right on Buttles Av to Thurber Dr E
16. Left on Thurber Dr E to jog over to Michigan
17. Left jog at Michigan Av to 5th
18. Right on 5th Av to Summit
19. Right on Summit St to Warren
20. End at Warren/Summit...For those feeling adventurous and who want to keep on going, we'll head deep into Italian Village & Harrison West on the inside brick streets. We'll be going super slow.
21. Left on Warren to Hamlet
22. Left on Hamlet St
23. Quick jog to right then left at 2nd continue on Hamlet to 4th.
24. Left on 4th Av to Beacon
25. Left on Beacon Alley to 2nd
26. Right on 2nd Av to High
27. Left on High St to 2nd Av
28. Right on 2nd Av to Perry
29. Left on Perry St to Quality Place
30. Left on Quality Place to Ingleside
31. Right on Ingleside Av to 1st
32. Right on 1st Av to Harrison
33. Right on Harrison Av/Buttles Av to Neil Av
34. Right on Neil Av to end at Goodale