The politician deleted a weekend Twitter thread in which he described some of the police actions against protesters as 'aggressive,' but maybe he should have started with these

When Mayor Andrew Ginther logged on to Twitter over the weekend to weigh in on the protests that have gripped the city for the last six days, he described the police response as overwhelmingly “measured and restrained,” words that were met with derision across some social media channels, paired as they were with images of demonstrators being pepper-sprayed at close range. 

The next day, Mayor Ginther posted a series of messages on Twitter, since deleted, that included comparatively stronger wording, writing in part, “Some of what we saw [Saturday] from @ColumbusPolice was aggressive.” (You can still view the mayor's archived tweets here.)

Perhaps the mayor deleted these posts to avoid further conflict with the Fraternal Order of Police, which released its own statement over the weekend charging Ginther with playing political games that further "divide our community."

Regardless, we combed the mayor's 5,000+ impossibly milquetoast Twitter posts to highlight nine that he could have deleted instead.

1. But all of these photos were taken in the daytime.

#NationalNightOut2019 was a big success. Did you participate? #Columbus #neighborhoods #community

— Mayor Andrew Ginther (@MayorGinther) August 7, 2019

2. Maybe this one needed more conversation.

Hosting a #TheBigTable conversation about strengthening community-police relationships. Are you participating in The Big Table? #Columbus

— Mayor Andrew Ginther (@MayorGinther) August 28, 2019

3. This doesn't end the way you hope it will.

We learned a great deal from the Scioto Mile autonomous shuttle pilot program. Now we’re taking it to Linden. #Columbus

— Mayor Andrew Ginther (@MayorGinther) September 16, 2019

4. "Mixed-use development" is the mayor's safe word.

We’re excited about the future — jobs, housing, mixed use development. #Columbus

— Mayor Andrew Ginther (@MayorGinther) October 31, 2019

5. When your city is named for someone who has a legacy of genocide against Native Americans maybe Thanksgiving is one holiday you don't log on.

Wishing you a peace-filled Thanksgiving! I am grateful for the residents who call #Columbus home and to those visiting for the holiday.

— Mayor Andrew Ginther (@MayorGinther) November 28, 2019

6. And yet here we are.

I support Director Pettus and @ChiefQuinlan for confronting improper conduct and for holding officers accountable for their actions. The discipline sends a clear message that we will not tolerate the abuse of power by anyone in law enforcement.

— Mayor Andrew Ginther (@MayorGinther) January 24, 2020

7. Warriirs, come out to pla-aayyy.

Our #SnowWarriirs rock — even when there’s no snow.

— Mayor Andrew Ginther (@MayorGinther) February 4, 2020

8. Fascinating.

The @OhioMayors discussing topics that impact all cities across the state.

— Mayor Andrew Ginther (@MayorGinther) December 13, 2019

9. <Looking around the city> Oh?

Civil disobedience has long been a strategy used to amplify the voices of those who feel unheard. Today and every day, it is important to defend the right to protest. We ought not dismiss the voices of those with different perspectives than our own, even when we disagree.

— Mayor Andrew Ginther (@MayorGinther) January 20, 2020