Spend 12 minutes learning about the Capsoul label from Daniel Moss, son of founder Bill Moss

Brett Ruland, co-owner of Spoonful Records, recently posted a 2014 video in which Daniel Moss, the son of late Capsoul Records founder Bill Moss, discussed the history of the short-lived Columbus label, as well as the renewed attention it received after Numero Group released the essential compilation Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Years in 2004. (Later Columbus-centric Numero releases included Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label, Eccentric Soul: Capitol City Soul and a reissue of Wee's indispensible You Can Fly on My Aeroplane.)

The video is only 12 minutes long, but it encapsulates decades of local soul history. Give it a watch below.

Numero Night #1, hosted by Spoonful Records from Flicker-lit Productions on Vimeo.