The song is the first released off of new album 'Daughter,' which is due Sept. 25 on Honey, You're Gonna Be Late Records

When Alive last touched base with Columbus expat Lydia Loveless in early March, the pandemic had not yet shuttered the country. And, yet, the singer and songwriter noted that a long-in-the-works new album, her first since Real in 2016, had been colored by a lingering sense of dread.

“It’s definitely been a new experience just to be like, ‘Who the hell am I? What’s going to happen?’ Just this constant sense of dread and existential crisis," Loveless said at the time.

Some of these feelings were likely informed by an intense period of transition for the musician, who divorced from her husband and bandmate, relocated to North Carolina and departed longtime label Bloodshot Records amid accusations that it had enabled sexual harassment. "I can tell you I still feel pretty shell-shocked," Loveless said in March.

These feelings bleed into the aching "Love Is Not Enough," the first song off of Loveless' forthcoming album Daughter, which the musician will self-release on new label Honey, You're Gonna Be Late Records on Sept. 25.

"I can't believe the worst kind of people achieve everything they want," she sings on the track, a sentiment that rings particularly true in this current social and political landscape.

Watch the video for "Love Is Not Enough" below.