New single 'Scram!' was inspired in part by the Parkland students who stood up to the gun lobby

Jeff Rosenstock described 2018 album POST- as an attempt to capture that feeling of momentarily getting knocked back on one's heels.

“[I] wanted it to feel like getting knocked down, sitting there with fucking spirals in your eyes, stars circling above your head, a big ol’ lump sticking out of the top of your skull, and then getting back up again," he told Alive at the time. "That was important to me, for sure, because it’s important to get up again and to fight back.”

No Dream, released in May, could be described as the sound of Rosenstock reengaging in the fight, as evidenced by new single "Scram!," inspired by the high school students who have stood up against the gun lobby in recent years.

“I started writing ‘Scram!’ after being inspired by the kids from Parkland High standing up to the behemoth that is the gun lobby. The last four years (and let's be honest, my entire life) have felt like we are up against an unconquerable force of evil that thrives on violence and inequality. It was a rare bright spot to see thousands of people say, ‘Hey, we're gonna be able to vote in the next election, and we are going to vote you the fuck out,'" Rosenstock said in a press release. "I wanted to write a song that felt like a ‘Fuck you, your days are numbered’ to the powers that be.”   Watch the video for "Scram!" below.