Another strong single from the Columbus expat's forthcoming album, 'Daughter'

In the latest video from North Carolina-via-Columbus singer Lydia Loveless, the songwriter finds herself trapped in an underground concrete bunker while a menacing figure cloaked in Kylo Ren-like garb patrols above.

As Loveless sings about dividing up possessions and being run through an emotional wringer, her character scrawls lyrics and tally marks on the walls with a pink crayon, which eventually leads to a novel discovery. Sometimes you have to create a new reality to find the way out.

Shot entirely on an iPhone, "Wringer" follows "Love is Not Enough" as the second single/video issued in the leadup to Loveless' new record, Daughter, releasing Sept. 25 on Honey, You're Gonna Be Late Records. The album is the musician's first full-length since 2016's Real; Loveless previously told Alive the record is colored by a sense of existential dread, though it's also possible the entire thing centers around a Pearl Jam cover.

Check out "Wringer" below.