Streetlight Guild will feature readings from a new poet every day in September, continuing with Barbara Fant today

Last year, Streetlight Guild, the East Side arts organization founded and run by Alive columnist Scott Woods, hosted the introductory edition of Rhapsody & Refrain, a month-long celebration during which a different poet read at Streetlight’s Main Street headquarters each day of September. 

The affair is back for 2020, with a necessary COVID twist. Rather than inviting spectators into the building, all of this year’s readings will take place virtually. While the in-person intimacy will be missed, the silver lining is that there is no longer any attendance cap, which would have come in handy last year when Hanif Abdurraqib read, appearing in front of a full house that spilled over into the aisles.

All of the readings take place at 8 p.m., except on Sundays where the 5 p.m. start time is noted. 

Here’s a look at who you can catch, beginning with Barbara Fant tonight, along with links to any corresponding Alive coverage.

Sept. 2 Barbara Fant

Sept. 3 Shameaca Moore

Sept. 4 Tripp Fontane

Sept. 5 Hanif Abdurraqib

Sept. 6 Javier Sanchez (5 p.m.)

Sept. 7 Ethan Rivera

Sept. 8 Steve Abbott

Sept. 9 Louise Robertson

Sept. 10 Valerie Boyer

Sept. 11 Stevi Knighton

Sept. 12 Ruth Awad

Sept. 13 Jack Johnstone (5 p.m.)

Sept. 14 Fariha Tayyab (read the Alive contributor’s most recent freelance feature here)

Sept. 15 Nikki Allen

Sept. 16 Karen Scott

Sept. 17 Vernell Bristow

Sept. 18 Su Flatt

Sept. 19 Izetta Thomas

Sept. 20 Amy Turn Sharp (5 p.m.)

Sept. 21 Sayuri Ayers

Sept. 22 Karen Marie

Sept. 23 Caroline Bennett

Sept. 24 Maggie Smith

Sept. 25 Rachael Scott

Sept. 26 Cecily King

Sept. 27 Dr Sidney Jones, Jr. (5 p.m.)

Sept. 28 Sienna Catherine Shute

Sept. 29 Omowale Crowder

Sept. 30 Zach Hannah