Ricky Thompson's cinematic, shadowy folk band debuts a 20-minute, black-and-white video recorded live at Spacebar

Dark-folk local act Suffering, Praying Hands has always had a penchant for John Carpenter film scores and the spaghetti Western soundtracks of Ennio Morricone, so it wouldn't really make sense to see Ricky Thompson's band perform for cameras in a sunny, brightly lit space. This is not the type of band to record a cheery NPR Tiny Desk submission. 

Instead, Daily Grind Productions filmed Suffering, Praying Hands live on the dimly lit Spacebar stage for a 20-minute, black-and-white performance video featuring a handful of the band's tunes. It's a late-night video for those times when, rather than keeping the darkness at bay, you let those clouds roll in, and then, after some catharsis, emerge on the other side. 

Check out the video below.