Senseless pens an ode to the essential everyday folks populating the local scenes both here and elsewhere

"Mr. Local Rapper," the new single from Columbus local rapper Senseless, is an ode to the everyday MCs who fill the open mics at local bars (prior to COVID, anyway), toiling away outside of the limelight but still intrinsic to the culture of a place.

"This is a song we wrote and recorded after coming home from a trip to New York in 2018," Jacob Engle wrote in a blurb accompanying the Bandcamp release, which was produced by SteamBoi, recorded by Bombeardo and mixed by D1. "It is an ode to the local rapper, as no scene exists without them nor does the industry at large. Thank you to you, whoever you are. We hope you enjoy this song from the local scene in our part of the world to yours."

The single follows the summer release of the full-length Franklin Park, which reflected a similarly local mindset (and is a subject of a soon-to-come remix release). "Writing, for me, is looking at the things people look at on a normal day-to-day basis," Engle said at the time. "And then I can go in and put my twist on it.”

Listen to "Mr. Local Rapper" below.