Gorgeous new single 'Wheels Roll Home' channels 'the experience of waiting out tumultuous times'

Last year, the Antlers embarked on a 10-year anniversary tour for the band's 2009 concept album, Hospice. “I think that record has some kind of strange energy about it that seems to strike people in a personal way,” singer and songwriter Peter Silberman told Alive.

While Silberman released a solo record in 2017, the Antlers hadn't released any new music since 2014 album Familiars until this week, when the band issued a gorgeous, lilting new single, "Wheels Roll Home."

"'Wheels Roll Home' is a simple song about the hopeful promise of reunion after a long time gone,” Silberman said in a press release. “It’s that feeling of finding home in someone, eager and impatient to build a life together. It’s the experience of waiting out tumultuous times, longing for stability someday.”

Listen below.