Get a sneak peek of the band's forthcoming reissue of 'The Winter of Mixed Drinks' and bonus 7-inch that includes 'The Wrestle' live in Cleveland

This week, Scottish band Frightened Rabbit announced the reissue of 2010 album The Winter of Mixed Drinks. The record is "a cocktail of emotions for us. Perhaps through it we will all find a little lightness to help us through one of the darkest winters," the band said in a press release.

Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchinson died in 2018, and the band is paying tribute to the singer through a bonus 7-inch included with the reissue. On side A is "Things," recorded at the Roundhouse in London in 2016. "We chose ['Things'] to reflect the time we are all in now and the importance of people and humans over stuff," the band said. "Scott's words always burrowed deep within people, and this was the song he was probably most proud of writing and loved to play live."

On side B of the 7-inch is "The Wrestle," recorded live at the Grog Shop in Cleveland on May 5, 2010 — "a time when we were still finding our feet with the songs and learning how they were going to play out live," the band noted.

Get a sneak peek of Frightened Rabbit's live Grog Shop version of "The Wrestle" via this not-too-shabby cellphone video, courtesy YouTube user kingofthecastle7. Pre-orders for the Winter of Mixed Drinks reissue and bonus 7-inch here.