New brewery is part of the same building that houses Comune Restaurant

It seems appropriate, for the first On Tap column of 2019, that we introduce Central Ohio's newest brewery: Parsons North Brewing Company.

Parsons North opened its doors in late December, though a full grand opening isn't scheduled until late February or early March. The brewery is part of the East Public building on Parsons Avenue that includes Comune Restaurant and Sidecar Creatives.

Nathan Klein and Seth Draeger own the brewery, with Klein managing the taproom and Draeger serving as head brewer. Draeger has been homebrewing for more than four years, building out a roster for the brewery. “I've created 30 recipes over the years: sours, lagers, experimental beers, IPAs, 12-percent beers, three-percent beers,” Draeger said. “I've developed recipes over the last four-and-a-half years, brewing every single week, depending on my mood and what inspires me at the time.”

Draeger is operating a 10-barrel brewing system, with seven 10-barrel fermenters and two five-barrel fermenters. He's set to begin brewing this week or early next week, depending on when ingredients arrive, and in roughly a month his beers will begin appearing on tap. Draeger estimates that, within two months, he'll have 10 of his own beers on tap, plus a guest beer and a root beer (also brewed in-house). His opening roster will feature an English ale, a stout, a grapefruit wheat beer, an Irish rye, a Belgian dubbel, a pale ale, a mulberry saison and a west coast IPA.

“We want to be a place where all people can come and feel welcome at all times,” Draeger said. To this end, he and Klein have built a solid wine selection, a cocktail list created with Watershed Distillery and non-alcoholic drinks such as a shrub cocktail.

The Parsons North building is split into two connected rooms. One side, referred to as the taproom, features wood accents and natural colors. There's a sitting area with a mantle and a pair of wingback chairs. When the TVs aren't showing sporting events, they'll be tuned to Bob Ross.

The other side, the lounge, is more colorful and features pinball machines and the brewing system itself. Draeger said they'll use the space for trivia nights and live music. Parsons North's liquor license extends to the green space along the building and behind it, so guests can enjoy drinks from Parsons Avenue to Beck Street behind the brewery.

The brewery is welcoming a collection of local food trucks Tuesday through Saturday, including Saturday lunch. Street parking is available around Parsons North (fortunately neighborhood permit restrictions don't overlap with the brewery's open hours). Draeger said guests can also park at the IGA across the street when it's closed. Because of local liquor laws, Sunday sales are limited to beer only.