A women’s clinic will be offered Monday, April 30 at Sanctuary Service Center. This year the clinic will be able to offer the digital mammogram. The following is information regarding "digital" mammograms.

Mammograms are X-ray images of the breast. The images can be captured on film or stored directly onto a computer (digital). Film and digital mammography are similar in their ability to find cancer. Most centers now use digital mammography.

Because digital images are viewed on a computer, they can be lightened or darkened, and certain sections can be enlarged and looked at more closely. The ability to control images on a computer makes digital mammography more accurate than film mammography for some women. In general, digital mammography is better at finding breast cancer in women who

 Are premenopausal or peri-menopausal

 Are under age 50

 Have dense breast tissue

For women who do not fall in one of the above groups, film and digital mammography are similar in their ability to find breast cancer early. All women over the age of 40 are encouraged to obtain a baseline mammogram. If you are in a high risk category—mother, sister or grandmother has or had breast cancer—please take the time to have a mammogram.

The mobile unit—DMXI Mobile Mammography from Boardman will accept insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Region 6 Breast & Cervical Cancer Project funding, Susan B Komen/KCH and private pay ($122.50) If you have not had a mammogram in the last year, now is a perfect time to schedule for this important preventive screening. To schedule your mammogram, please contact Sanctuary Service Center at 740-599-7224. Special note: if you have had breast reduction or enlargement or a previous lumpectomy, the mobile unit will not be able to do the screening.

In addition to mammograms, KnoHoCo Women’s Health will be scheduling for pap screenings and clinical breast exams the same day. All women over age 21 should have a yearly pap screening. Pap Screenings are the first link to preventive uterine cancer and other health issues related to women’s reproductive health. This is an excellent opportunity to have 2 important screenings at the same location the same day. Most insurance will cover both screenings. The fee for the pap and breast exam is $40. Financial assistance is available if you are not covered by insurance, not eligible for Region 5 or unable to private pay.

These screenings are open to all residents. You may have both screenings at the one location or select just one. Please contact The Sanctuary Service Center to schedule or more information (740-599-7224)