The former Alive editor loves new vegan options and a hip-hop album so good it leaves him speechless

I owe most of the best parts of my life in this city to this paper: the relationships, the people — always the people — but also the culture, the food, the music, the passions and the voices. While most of these picks aren't Columbus-specific, in a way I never would have discovered them without this city. Well, except for the shorts.

New-to-me vegan options
In the last few weeks, I've had an Arby's-esque roast "beef" and cheddar sandwich (Seitan's Realm), thick af mozz sticks (Eden Burger), Nashville-style popcorn tofu (Whole Foods) and a secret dish being tested by a local chain that was finger-lickin' incredible.

The Invention of Morel by Adolfo Bioy Casares
There's a secret island. With a mansion, and a museum. And maybe some ghosts. Definitely some madness. Not exactly a beach read, but then again, maybe it is?

The Latest Winter, Maggie Nelson 
Despite its title, I've somehow found this poetry collection to be the perfect summer book. Nelson's poems are short but sticky, airy and accessible.

Myles Momentum shorts 
I've become someone who wears one thing in multiple colors. With these shorts, I'm OK with that. I mean, I'm using one of these coveted spots to talk about shorts. That's how great they are.

billy woods, Hiding Places
This album makes me want to cuss I love it so much. It also leaves me speechless. There's nothing else left to say.