There are lots of great places to spend your vacation — the beach, the lake, camping, ?the big city, getting pampered at a spa.

But if you want to save money, avoid the hassle of travel or simply enjoy the comforts of home, consider a fun, relaxing staycation, exploring your own city or region and all it has to offer, getting a break from your regular routine and still sleeping in your own bed instead of uncomfortable airplane seats. Not convinced? Forbes Magazine has some tips to help.

More Time Playing, Less Time Traveling

Traveling to your destination can eat up huge chunks of your time off. If you only have a few days off, you don’t want to spend two of those on the road or in a plane, not to mention dealing with jet lag. time differences and getting lost in a new city. A staycation enables you to spend your days off doing the things you want to do.

It also enables you to be less flexible. Is it raining on one of your days off? Instead of donning a raincoat and umbrella and splashing your way to a museum, stay home, make popcorn, binge-watch a show or otherwise stay cozy and dry.

Staying Home Saves Money

Flights, hotels, eating out three meals a day, souvenirs, entry fees to all the places you want to go and random other expenses that always pop up when traveling can add up. A two-week trip for two can run into the thousands of dollars; that’s, on average, $200 to $250 a day per person. If you stay home, you eliminate two of those costs, allowing you to save money while also spending more on the experiences you’re having.


Unless relaxing is on your itinerary, you may end up more tired after vacation than you were when you left; travel, getting from place to place, hauling luggage around and trying to fit in as much as possible, while they lead to fun things, are all going to wipe you out. A week spent at home allows you to work in sleeping in, naptime, movie nights, a massage or whatever else will help you relax. Additionally, it’s a good chance to ignore the chores (mostly); put off laundry if you can, don’t do yardwork, don’t run errands, only clean what’s going to make you crazy if it’s dirty.