ANTRIM — They may not be "moving mountains" but they’re moving a hill as members of the Antrim Community Volunteer Fire Department work on a big project that includes physical changes to the grounds and buildings.

The first step is to move the hill behind the station. It will be lowered between 23 and 25 feet, approximately. A neighbor has allowed them to move the red clay-filled hill to their property, which helps a great deal.

"The Hill" as it has been called by those involved with the project has become a wet mess after the recent rain, creating difficulty to travel by foot.

Local experienced individuals have volunteered their time to help out. Southeastern Equipment has donated a bulldozer, an excavator and other equipment and Randy Raber of Red Hill Farm donated a D9 bulldozer named "Molly."

After the hill is leveled they will be working towards building a new fire station and community center. They will also have on-site training available when the project is completed.

No loans will be taken out to pay for all that needs to be done. Funds are from what has been saved.

"This project's been a long time coming," Jerry McElwain said Wednesday as he walked towards the excavator to move more trees.