The Barnesville Village Council meeting began April 2 with the second reading of Ordinance 3765 to prohibit medical marijuana cultivation, process, and retail distribution within the Village of Barnesville.

Councilman Terry McCort qualified if a "physician" is defined as being a state licensed physician in the ordinance. Councilman Jamie Betts asked if changes could be made to the ordinance as a result of the Council Safety Meeting that was held on March 28.

Mr. Betts said in his opinion medical marijuana was not "bad." Council President Brad Hudson commented on the abuse side of "other treatment programs and suggested that more time was needed to evaluate the positives and negatives in this matter.

Council stressed that they didn’t want to keep it from patients that need it and have it prescribed for medical reasons. Solicitor Harper noted that council is not permitted to prohibit the use if a person has a prescription, but may prohibit the cultivation and retail sales with the village limits.

Mr. Betts asked if there could be a permit process put in place and Solicitor Harper will research that.

Resident Amber Stewart voiced her opinion that the village will lose revenue if they are not proactive. She said people will go elsewhere to purchase it.

Council voted to pay outstanding invoices in the amount of $116,636.20.

Fiscal Officer Vicki Magers announced that the village had received the $2,000 grant check from Belmont County Tourism for the Downtown Mural Project.

Solicitor Harper distributed draft agreements for property purchases from Frank and Mary Williams at 108 North Chestnut Street and from Dave and Martha Ralston at 112 North Chestnut St., Barnesville. Council unanimously approved the purchase of these buildings.

Fiscal Officer Magers presented the March Financial Statements and Bank Reconciliations.

Village Administrator Roger Deal reminded everyone of the Village Sidewalk Loan Program and encouraged participation. The replacement is handled by the Village with the residents receiving a zero interest loan with terms up to five years.

Administrator Deal informed council the BJAAM Environmental Services were requesting to install two additional monitoring wells for Certified Gas Station on Bond Avenue. The additional wells would be located on North Street and Wiley Avenue.

Assistant Fire Chief Tim Hall asked council for permission to use the Rotary Lake in the park for their annual Youth Fishing Tournament to be Saturday, June 2. Solicitor Harper also requested permission for the Barnesville Rotary Club to use Rotary Lake for a Special Olympics Fishing Tournament on Saturday, May 12. Council granted permission for both.

Police Chief Rocky Sirianni asked council to purchase 6 new Tasers at n estimated cost of $7,000 through the State Purchasing Program. The current tasers are obsolete and batteries are no longer available.

Council President Hudson reminded Council of their commitment approximately a year ago to supply materials for the local tennis club to coat the courts in Memorial Park. Total cost of materials is $6,214.58.

Administrator Deal reminded residents that the "Pool Meter Program" has begun. Residents may pick up a meter at the Water Office for use in filling their swimming pools. The meter connects to outside hose bibs and the resident will not be charged for sewer costs but only the water recorded through this meter. There is a $50 refundable deposit for the meter.

Council agreed to provide $500 to Barnesville Schools for a speaker for a Drug Prevention Program for grades fifth through eighth. Council President Hudson requested that Council and School Officials needed to have more of a dialogue to discuss and plan these prevention programs.

Mayor Dale Bunting requested an Executive Session to discuss personnel.

Councilman Tony Johnson commended the Barnesville Dairy Queen for all the recent fundraising activities to support the children in the community and school organizations.

The next Barnesville Village Council meeting will be Monday, April 16 at the Municipal Building.