BETHESDA -— Village Administrator Dirk Davis informed the park board that he sent a letter to Senator Hoagland to show the need for funding to help pave the walking trail. Davis read the letter he sent to Senator Hoagland. He said Capital Budget Funding of $20,000 has been awarded to put towards the walking trail. Dirk stated that he is looking into additional funding for the project. The board discussed the logistics of paving the walking trail. Dirk estimated that it will cost around $45,000 to dig up the old base, install a new base and then pave the trail.

Davis  presented the park board with the JB Green Team grant for 2018. The board discussed purchasing picnic tables, rubber mulch, and park benches all of which need to be made from recycled material. Rick stated that a recent order seen the mulch cost $4,700 for 14 tons, and the park benches were $428 each. Rick offered to complete and submit the grant application by the end of the month.

The Park Board discussed holding a festival at the park in order to raise money to go towards the additional monies needed for the walking trail project. Samantha discussed having a BBQ and selling hot dogs and hamburgers, having a petting zoo, wiffle ball tournament, a Chinese auction, a craft event, and a craft show. The board discussed having a the portion of the trail by the restrooms poured as concrete and to have it stamped as brick and then sell the bricks to have peoples name put on them. This would raise extra monies by allowing us to sell brick sections for donations made to the project. The dates discussed for the festival is May 19th and June 23rd. The board will conference call Monday to discuss additional planning for the festival.

The park board discussed the mowing contract for 2018. The mowing last year cost $300 for the park and $120 for the ball fields.Jim Ellis is going to contact Derek Roby to see if he wants to go forward with a mowing contract for this year.

Jim Ellis said people have asked to put up a bird house in memorial for Patrick Wildren and Douglas French. Jim Patron made a motion to allow the birdhouse, seconded by Debbie Mason. Motion passed. 

Jim Ellis stated that Dave Green keeps talking to him about the ducks at the park and the diseases that they bring. Jim stated that there are now duck houses at the park by Lake Street. Jim is going to ask around to see who put them there.

The next Park Board meeting will be Thursday, April 12 at 6 p.m.