The Belmont County Soil & Water Conservation District will conduct a "Wildlife Controversy Meeting" workshop at the Barnesville Library Annex, 611 N. Chestnut, Wednesday June 20 from 1 to 3:30 p.m.

The workshop will help residents either attract wildlife to their yards or deter them from visiting.

The program will feature two guest speakers: Marne Titchenell, OSU Extension Wildlife Program Specialist, and John Morton, ODNR Division of Wildlife Private Lands Biologist.

Titchenell will help educate residents on how to deal with nuisance wildlife that may be bothering property owners as well as offering recommendations to those who would like to enhance their yard and attract more visitors. Morton will offer advice on how to design food plots on private land.

There is no cost for the class. To register or for details, contact Liza Butler, Belmont SWCD Wildlife/Forestry Specialist at 740-526-0027 or