Baughman Township — Randy G. and Sandra J. Whited to Kyle J. and Taylor J. Allen, Dalton Fox Lake Road, $27,000.

Randy G. and Sandra J. Whited to Kyle J. and Taylor J. Allen, 6621 Dalton Fox Lake Road, $153,000.

Irene H. Chapman to Robert R. and Jeannette Brooker, 10 W. Market St., $75,000.

Canaan Township — Robert R. Kohler to Daniel J. and Diane K. Gasser and Kraig D. Gasser, Sterling Road, $296,507.

Hope Parnell, successor trustee to Canaan Land LLC, East Easton Road, $1,719,286.

H E S to Thomas K. Zaugg and Paula M. Popovich, 489 E. Easton Road, $309,000.

TAL Ohio Investments LLC to David J. and Sheri E. Fisher, 1482 E. Easton Road, $159,000.

Karl M. and Christina L. Mireiter to Robert C. III and Tammy Mosher, 49 Front St., $89,600.

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Dwane L. Jr. and Jennifer M. Buckingham, 122 Hay St., $34,592.

Chippewa Township — Lawrence E. and Jill L. Villers to Brad and Tami Hartzler, 12010 Breezewood Drive, $275,000.

Roger L. and Carol S. Walsh to John C. Jr. and Lauren Parsons, Mount Eaton Road, $75,000.

James E. Jr. and Cryst Rosenberger to Joshua W. and Elizabeth J. Huffman, 13032 Hametown Road, $170,000.

Webster W. Marshall to James P. Pribonic, 3786 Eastern Road, $156,500.

Helen Magyar to Stephanie L. Casey, 12229 Milly Drive, $119,900.

Donna L. Sheehan to Jacob and Alliee L. Wintrow, Mount Eaton Road, $46,000.

Clinton Township — Paula G. Shearer to Keith A. and Christine M. Walters, 148 S. Wells St., $105,000.

Reutter Family Real Estate LLC to L & C Rental Properties Ltd., 14835 Shreve Road, $981,000.

Linda L. Corell to Eli D. and Fannie A. Schlabach, 8889 McFadden Road, $475,000.

Russell E. Arwood to Melissa S. Patrick, 801 N. Main St., $89,500.

Congress Township — Joanie L. and Matthew E. Sigler to Ronald C. and Katie Harper, 8729 Congress Road, $285,000.

Doylestown — Paulla E. Gates to Cody L. and Kayla M. Tackett, 55 Maple St., $149,000.

Bryan E. Radecky to Heather J. Klatt, 75 Ridge Top Circle, $208,000.

Heather J. Estright and Brett P. Klatt to Scott A. Sr. and Denise Vinson, 361 Hilltop Drive, $150,000.

East Union Township — Ty A. Hartman to Natasha M. Bender, 1209 S. Kansas Road, $125,000.

Anna M. Bixler, trustee to Teresa M. Griffin, 209 High St., $30,000.

Kyle and Jenna Stewart to Jock and Caitlin Rottman, 276 Apple Ridge Drive, $230,000.

Daniel W. and Mary L. Cross to Jamie and Kimberly Paull, Spring Run Drive, $28,000.

Franklin Township — Andy J. and Tamera K. Lehman to Dorothy E. Steiner, 4687 Fredericksburg Road, $274,000.

Betty A. Scott to Steven D. Scott, 2442 Pleasant Ridge Road, $110,000.

ARH Properties LLC to Justin L. Kauffman and Kirsten E. Taylor, 2468 Oil City Road, $151,000.

Green Township — Matthew J. Jr. and Rachael L. Steiner to Jesse B. and Lydia G. Stoller, 10639 Fulton Road, $130,000.

Delbert L. Winkler to Harry W. Hunter III, 300 S. Milton St., $52,500.

U.S. Bank Trust na trustee to Todd S. Hinton, 7919 Blough Road, $44,900.

Richard J. Williams to Micah C. and Elizabeth P. Steiner, 6110 Akron Road, $130,000.

Allan M. and Kimberly A. Baumgartner to Aaron and Ashton Shetler, 11937 Hidden Lake Drive, $220,000.

Delores F. Crites and Ronald E. Rose, executor to Katelyn Thut, 168 W. Center St., $118,000.

Milton Township — Stephen M. Reber to Dayton R. Sharp, 6746 Spruce St., $105,000.

Michael R. Slorgie to Pennymac Loan Services LLC, 9768 Sterling Road, $73,000.

Nathan M. and Mary G. Hoffman to Jeremy A. and Lois G. Steiner, 11146 E. Easton Road, $164,000.

Orrville — Patricia A. and Megan M. Beltz to Duane B. Bonner II, 313 Washington Blvd., $132,000.

Summit Place Realty LLC to Anne H. and Robert D. Snyder, 429 Emeril Court, $204,000.

Renner Development Company LLC to Don K. and Elsie J. Specht, Terrapin Trail, $41,500.

Craig Shisler to Michael R. and Jodie M. Stryker, 908 Beaver St., $115,000.

Billie R. Bottomley to Alexander L. Samson, 870 S. Vine St., $94,000.

John P. Morris to Stewart R. Jr. and Emily B. Turner, 721 S. Main St., $152,000.

Aaron R. and Ashton M. Shetler to James A. Wagler, 817 Cleveland Ave., $108,000.

Andrew E. Vernon and C. Francis Carrie to Robert D. and Cara L. Boney, 1121 W. Market St., $110,000.

Kathy B. Mast and Michael W. Baehr to Mary A. Bennett, 142 N. Linden Ave., Unit 501, $112,000.

Thomas R. and Linda J. Gutherie to Lawrence E. and Jill Villers, 414 Coventry Court, $160,000

Plain Township — Nicholas W. and Carrie B. Franks to Janet and Rick C. Spencer, 1001 Porter Drive, $175,000.

Dan and Rebecca Stauffer to Corey B. and Tracy D. Neuman, 3560 Blachleyville Road, $120,000.

Cynthia A. Barstow to James L. and Susan A. Jennings, Angling Road, $135,000.

Spencer Hodges to Matthew J. Rohr, South Funk Road, $53,400.

Rittman — Susan L. Holibaugh to The Milton Corp., 280 W. Ohio Ave., $67,000.

Gilbert Plaza LLC to NVR Inc., Krabill Road, $42,500.

Gilbert P. Ning to Charles W. and Rachel Carpenter, 27 N. Seneca St., $40,100.

Ryan M. Collins to Adam R. and Ashley A.J. Copley, 20 W. Liberty St., $92,900.

Roger, Richard, Robert and Janet Snelgrove to Christopher L. Young, 120 N. Third St., $125,000.

Jeffrey B. Bode to Zachary J. and Laura B. Mason, 45 Orchard St., $99,000.

James and Julie Winkelman to Tyler C. and Jacqueline A. Just, 9731 Krabill Road, $135,000.

Salt Creek Township — Matt A. Phillipaw and Angela Oshea to Roman L. and Tessa Miller, 10240 Deer Run Drive, $21,000.

Michael R. and Patricia J. Arnold to John A. and Mellinda R. Hartman, 6225 Rio Grande Drive, $200,000.

Sugar Creek Township — LEH Enterprises Ltd. LLC to Trent D. Coblentz, 13084 Emerson Road, $90,000.

Mahlon L. Steffen to Jason M. and Heidi W. Morris, 275 Woodbury Circle, $148,000.

LEH Enterprises Ltd., An Ohio LLC to Timothy A. and Esta M. Ryder, 13094 Emerson Road, $107,653.

Kevin M. Phillips to Katherine F. Chaboude, 147 E. Main St., $58,000.

Goldie L. Kirkbride to Adam J. and Krystal L. Troyer, 1134 Wenger Road, $153,000.

Paul D. and Mary J. Raber to Andy J. and Tamera K. Lehman, 2615 Moser Road, $285,000.

Wayne Township — Brandon M. and Marcie B. Craig to Rodrigo D. Ricardo, 3455 Fox Lake Road, $242,000.

Dale A. and Martha E. Schmid, co-trustees to Linda S. Lilley, 4130 Swanson Blvd., $98,000.

Martha F. Petsch to James D. and Dana L. Williams, 2610 Larch Drive, $265,000.

Zhenyu Li to Kathy L. Odenkirk, 2900 Meadow Brook Drive, $140,000.

Donald J. Kurtz to Jennifer R. Miller, 418 Fox Lake Road, $45,000.

Wooster — Terry A. Sears to Michael J. Masowich, 657 N. Bever St., $100,000.

Audrey D. Thomas, trustee to Kenneth L. and Connie J. Burkey, 1566 Ramblewood Drive, $135,000.

James D. and Dana L. Williams to Darrell K. Vandegrift, 682 Wildwood Drive, $315,000.

John D. and Tamera Polen to Joseph and Tammy Bekina, 2796 Cleveland Road, $219,000.

Paul T. and Heidi A. Ewing and Ruth M. Ewing to Azariah M. Kutz and Jessica C. Knapp, 230 Imgard St., $200,000.

Gregory N. Stell and Eugene Dodaro III to Orest J. Lechnowsky and Aileen A. Sweeney, 2505 Christmas Run Blvd., $149,000.

Lance A. White and June Chandler White to Ronald W. and Melissa K. Stone, 1739 Cher Court, $50,000.

Azariah M. Kutz and Jessica C. Knapp to Weston P. and Amanda Locher, 975 Fenwick Place, $169,000.

Timothy F. Hughes to Christine D. Sprunger, 930 N. Bever St., $150,000.

Linda S. Rae, trustee to Wilber J. and Angel O. Nunez, 846 Mindy Lane, $107,000.

Aaron Miller to Seth Funk, 763 Western Drive, $97,000.

Joan P. Brinkerhoff to Martha F. Petsch, 653 Danberry Drive, $215,000.

William T. and Rebecca M. Smith, co-trustees to James H. and Susan A. Howard, 2334 Tatum Lane, $220,000.

Mildred Amstutz to KJTR LLC, 913 Spink St., $65,000.

Sarah A. Zimmerman, trustee to Ann L. Tschantz, 834 Woods Edge Court, $142,000.

Betty L. Emler to Wendy K. Orr, 3103 Bayberry Cove, $135,000.

Dorothy J. Perry to Robert A. Lackey and Kathleen A. Carlie, 2413 Graustark Path, $170,000.

Keith L. Miller to Courtney S. Brumfield, 1766 Pine Cove Drive, $131,250.

Dustin S. and Kimberly M. Hostetler to Thomas E. Jr. and Ann T. Lilly, 1838 Pine Cove Drive, $135,000.

Diane M. Butler to Richard J. and Deborah A. Duval, 1682 Christmas Run Blvd., $255,000.

Thomas A. Pittenger to Harold and Mary E. Block, 327 Stevens Ave., $140,000.

Michell Flener to Adam D. Olp, 484 Woodland Ave., $72,000.

John D. and Kimberly K. Bond to Ryan Schroeder and Brittany Frontz, 1602 Bent Tree Drive, $363,000.

John S. Harris to Mark T. and Ashley N. Galbreath, 1312 Nupp Drive, $129,900.

Wooster Township — Juan J. Saravia and P. Pineda Melitalia to Joseph J. and Cheryl L. Fields, 2742 Tuckahoe Road, $203,000.

Timothy C. Espey to BCS Holdings LLC, 957 Curtwood Drive, $145,000.

Matthew L. Rohr to Spencer Hodges, 1617 Old Columbus Road, $78,500.

Luis A. Delgado Colon and Lori D. Colon to Steven and Jessica Lowry, 3030 Indian Run Drive, $141,000.