One Year Later

It was a year ago this week that editor Cathryn Stanley penned her last story for the Enterprise. And with that, we expected in a short time another would take her place.

Cathryn’s departure is but one of the changes this 152-year-old community institution has experienced in the past 20 months. A second office/writer employee was not replaced and the physical office was closed.

In the interim, I and others in the community have stepped up, or stepped in, as volunteer journalists helping bolster local content in the newspaper. For those who know this community, this development comes as no surprise.

Three village councils, two school districts and one park board offered their meeting minutes. Regular contributors -- institutions, businesses and organizations – continue to submit and share news. We’ve contacted others asking for news. Responses, with few exceptions, have been positive.

Individuals including Pam McCort, Reed Tychonski, Charlie Robb, Betty Pokas, Bev Hannahs, Mary Sidwell and Ken Keylor have written features contributed copy or freely shared images. Jill Stephen, chamber office manager, has proven a wealth of story ideas, provided contacts and submitted images for the paper.

Finally, many of our loyal readers have expressed thanks for continuing the longstanding traditions the Barnesville Enterprise is known for.

Thank you, one and all.

As this first anniversary without locally generated copy passes, one question stands out - Is the current model sustainable?


In 1943 while he was serving as Ohio Senator from Belmont County, Enterprise editor Ray Palmer started writing a column he titled "This Week - Here and There". Our modified title is "Here and There".