The Garden Club of Kent recently held its annual Photography and Horticultural Show at the Ode to Joy Center.

The Photography Show was judged by Troy Martin, Rachel Favetta and Tyler Bodenschatz. Winners were:

• Best of Show — Photography: Elisa Loveland

• Plants with People: Chris Martin, Barb Stoneking and Deb Butler

• Plants with Insects: Claudia Miller, Elisa Loveland and Chris Martin

• Plants with Water: Chris Martin, Carol Martin, Carol Martin

• Plants with Animals: Chris Martin, Carol Martin and Marielle Hoffman

• Landscape: Carol Martin, Bob Fear and Barb Stoneking

• Woodland/Wildflowers: Elisa Loveland, Carol Martin and Bob Fear

• Seasonal: Betsy Neylon, Chris Martin and Claudia Miller

• Fruits/Veggies: Chris Martin, Marielle Hoffman and Carol Martin

• Specimen Blooms: Elisa Loveland, Chris Martin and Claudia Miller

• Macro/Zoom: Chris Martin, Carol Martin and Betsy Neylon

• Black & White: Chris Martin, Betsy Neylon and Elaine Robinson

• Miscellaneous: Chris Martin, Tony Lillick and Elisa Loveland

• Honorable Mention: Tony Lillick, Carol Martin, Claudia Miller and Betsy Neylon.

The Horticulture Show was judged by professional judges from the Youngstown Mens’ Garden Club.

Winners were:

Division I: Fruits and Vegetables:

• Leafy Vegetables: Marianne McAlarney

• Root Crops: Judy Sewell

• Fruiting Vegetables: Bob Beal

• Tomatoes: Tamara Rynearson

• Ornamental: Steve Sumner

• Fruits: Daniel Ryan

• Fun/Specialty: Don Sewell

• Herbs: Elaine Robinson

• Division 1 Winner: Daniel Ryan.

Division II: Flowers:

• Annuals: Andy Greene

• Perennials: Meg Calby

• Dahlia: Hal Hall

• Bulbs and Tubers: Judy Woudenberg

• Roses: Chico Enin

• Potted Plants: Jo Anne Kreps

• Division II Winner: Jo Anne Kreps.

Division III: Arrangements:

• Vegetable Basket: Daniel Ryan

• Shaped Designs: Betsy Neylon

• All Around Designs: Betsy Neylon

• Specialty Designs: Jo Anne Kreps

• Division III Winner: Betsy Neylon.

Community Gardens and Permanent Gardens:

• Most Unusual: Plot 30: George and Helena Belden

• Best Designed: Plots 105 and 106: Barbara Stoneking

• Most Unique: Plot 81: Hal Hall (Hal’s Dalia Patch)

• Best Variety: Plot 45: Patty Mcclain

• Most Productive: Plot 66: Jane Griffith

• Best Maintained: Plot 94: Anne Bourassa

• Best Permanent Garden: Plots 9 and 10: Judy Von Stein

• Best Overall: Plots 51 and 52: Elaine Robinson

• Second Overall: Plot 113: Daniel Clark

• Third Overall: Plot 90: Doug Francis.

The Garden Club of Kent members also enjoyed the annual Corn Roast where they feasted on corn-on-the-cob provided by member Betty Lapin, in addition to covered dishes contributed by members. "Weather was spectacular, gardens were prolific, and socializing was abundant."