ST. CLAIRSVILLE — David Trouten, the Clerk of Courts for Belmont County, released the report of his office’s activities for August of 2018.

Currently, the office is focusing on implementing a more modern and efficient method of calling a jury.

"We are in the process of creating a better way to call a Jury," Trouten said. "We spend a lot of time calling jurors by telephone, then more often than not we have to call them off when the case settles."

Trouten said he has started a project that will ultimately update the method to include electronic communications. This will both free up worker time to concentrate on other tasks, and provide a more up to date and ongoing information system for jurors.

The monthly report is as follows:

Clerk’s Fee: $68,522.75

Interest Fees: $295.65


Total Vehicle and Watercraft Titles: 3,356 Titles


All purpose Vehicle: 52, Buses: 2, Manufactured Homes: 15, Motorcycle: 141, Motor Home: 5;

New Cars: 347, New Pick Up Trucks: 107, New Truck: 14, Outboard Motors: 8, Off-road Motorcycle: 6, Trailer:21, Travel Trailer: 64, Used Cars: 1,594, Used Pick-Up Trucks: 473, Used Trucks: 81, Vans: 21 and Boats including inboard motors: 37.


All purpose Vehicle: 0, Bus: 1, Manufactured Homes: 0, Motorcycle: 7, Motor Home: 1, New Car: 20, New Pickup Truck: 15, New Truck: 0, Outboard Motors: 1 Off Road Motorcycles: 0, Trailer: 0, Travel Trailer: 4 , Used Car: 240, Used Pickup Truck: 66, Used Truck: 9, Van: 0, Boats, including inboard motors: 4.

Legal Department: New Cases filed

38 Domestic Relations

48 Civils

34 Criminals

20 Certificates of Judgments

79 State Tax Liens

5 Court of Appeals

Reminder: The Bellaire Title Office is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays.