I am reaching out to you with regards to a recent article in The Daily Jeffersonian and Barnesville Enterprise. The article stemmed from an officer involved shooting incident that occurred this past May and addressed the recent clearing of the involved deputies and agency. The article goes on to focus on a story from a doctor speaking on the condition of anonymity. I understand this is the media and anyone can submit a story, voice their opinion, provide information, etc. I think that is great and I would encourage all to exercise that right. That is part of what makes and keeps this country great. However, I have to say that I would consider this story to be less than quality journalism. Without getting into details, I can say that the series of events portrayed by the article are not accurate as to what actually took place with our department's involvement. Again, I understand that this is the media and one should not expect to get the full story or truth from one source. However, publishing such an article that portrays a negative image of our department and of the hospital without following up with either is not sufficient reporting nor is that fair to the public. I have always believed that our department has had a great working relationship with all local media outlets. I would like that to continue and it should. I am not asking for or expecting any kind of resolution, I just felt obligated to share my less than satisfied opinion.

Thank you,

Rocky F. Sirianni

Barnesville Chief of Police