Columbus gets in on the cruelty game

Columbus is growing and evolving, as countless articles would attest, which has also led to numerous arguments about civic priorities and the kind of city we want to be. While some of these discussions are taking place on a larger, stadium-sized scale, there are also numerous smaller changes taking place that tend to go unnoticed. In the most recent case, over the weekend a foot-tall ledge running alongside parking lot #88, located Downtown at 66 E. Broad St., was redone, embedded with jagged rocks designed to discourage anyone from sitting. (The ledge has been a popular resting place for the indigent in the years I’ve worked in the office next door.) It’s needlessly cruel and it deserves to be called out as such. Inquiries have been placed with the city and the lot's owners, and this post will be updated with any response.


The Butcher & Grocer in Grandview closed temporarily on Sunday following a weekend smash-and-grab robbery that cost the business cash and inventory but not its sense of humor. In a sign posted on the shop and shared on Facebook on Sunday, the store wrote: "CLOSED TODAY OPEN TOMORROW (Please don’t break in… last person already took everything).” The shop is asking anyone who might have seen or heard anything to report it to the Grandview police.


In brighter news, writer Saeed Jones, now in the midst of a month-long book tour in support of his excellent debut memoir, How We Fight for Our Lives, recently penned an essay about his decision to move to Columbus in early September. Jones writes:

Why Columbus? I can usually hear the question coming a few sentences before it arrives. People, old friends and new, Twitter followers and digital passersby, journalists interviewing me about my new book, want to know. To say nothing of proud Ohioans. And, obviously given the concept of this newsletter, I enjoy talking about my joy. So, whenever asked (and okay, often when not asked) I happily rhapsodize about the town I up and moved to this September after living in New York City for almost a decade. I go into “I swear no one is paying me to say this” mode. “Why Columbus?” you ask? How much time do you have?

Click here to read Jones’ full response to this question.