Adrian and I would like to thank all of the vendors who come and set up with us at the Barnesville Depot Pavilion this year. We would also like to thank those of you who come and helped us in any way this year, with out you all, it would be harder on us.

We appreciate one and all of you so much!

I know we were not quite as big as we have been, but we are working on this already for next year.

The train ride was unable to be with us due to health issues, but he will be back in 2020.

We started out with three types of concession and each one backed out on us. We are working on this already for 2020.

We are small and we are off the main path, but we do well and watch out for one another. We are proud of the depot and the pavilion area and we will work to make it a little bigger once more. We all have to help each other and work together!

Thanks to all,

Adrian Laity and Cindy Ward