The debut gothic novel of an author with local roots will be released Oct. 29, just in time for Halloween.

HR Mason is a former resident of West Lafayette who attended school at Ridgewood High School and now lives in Ridgefield, Washington. She has written six books within the romance genre (comedy and suspense) under the name Heidi Renee Mason. Her debut gothic suspense novel, written under the name H.R. Mason, will release in October.

Information provided about the new novel notes, "The raw emotion and complexity of characters in HR Mason’s debut gothic suspense novel will make readers desperate to uncover the secrets of Desolate Ridge, right up to the surprising conclusion.

Gripping suspense, "Nothing Hidden Ever Stays" offers the perfect ghost story. Secrets and memories trapped within the spectral ancestors of protagonist, Aubrey, lead to thrills, chills, and all that goes bump in the night.

Told through third-person narrative, "Nothing Hidden Ever Stays" alternates between the present time period and the past, offering the reader Aubrey’s perspective, as well as seven generations of her ancestors. A tangled thread of mental illness weaves its way through the Ross family line, and the novel explores the ways the characters are impacted when these illnesses go unchecked.

"Nothing Hidden Ever Stays" invites the reader to take a journey behind the haunted doors of Desolate Ridge, where the ghosts roam the halls and the house holds all the secrets. Readers who enjoyed Jennifer McMahon’s "The Invited" or Ruth Ware’s "The Death of Mrs. Westaway" will also like "Nothing Hidden Ever Stays."

Mason said that "Nothing Hidden Ever Stays" is "a story that has begged to be written for more than three years. The ghosts of Desolate Ridge have haunted me, and I believe they will stay with the reader long after finishing the final page. The overarching themes of forgiveness, self-acceptance, and redemption are heavily explored throughout my novel, and the twist at the end is sure to surprise."

Sheryl Scarborough, author of "To Catch A Killer" and "To Right the Wrongs," called Mason’s book, "A gothic mystery that seeps under your skin and consumes you from the inside out. The surprise ending doesn’t disappoint."