Including an Ohio connection to Sunday's Oscars

Alongside a few welcome surprises — “Parasite” winning Best Picture was fully deserved and yet also somehow completely out of the blue — and one moment so jarringly random that even those in the audience couldn’t quite comprehend why it was happening (take a bow, I guess, Eminem), Ohio got a nice moment in the spotlight when filmmaker Julia Reichert accepted the Best Documentary statuette for her work on “American Factory.” Reichert, who lives in Yellow Springs, even punctuated her speech with a “Go Buckeyes!” before moving on to stump for the importance of strong labor unions.

Reichert previously spoke with Alive’s Joel Oliphint about the process of making of “American Factory.”

“We got access to the factory, but how did we get people to really relax around us and be honest, even in meetings? How do we fade into the woodwork and become part of the wallpaper?” she said. “You have to be fueled by actual curiosity. You can’t fake it. Find out why you are actually interested in this person and why you are interested in this story. ... We loved being in the factory. It became our lives. We were curious about everybody and what they were going through. [We’d say], ‘You’ve got a hard job. What’s it like today, and what keeps you up at night?’ That was a question we would ask anyone: worker, owner, management, HR. And there was lots that kept people up at night.”

Here's a full list of Oscar winners.


Columbus’ Clinton Elementary School recently canceled an after-school story hour for children featuring drag queens dressed as Mary Poppins and Cruella de Vil, among other characters, citing safety concerns generated largely by outside forces, according to the Dispatch.

“The response to the event from our Clinton Elementary School families has been overwhelmingly positive. This is a diverse school community who feels it is important to recognize and support people from all walks of life,” Columbus City Schools spokeswoman Jacqueline Bryant told the Dispatch in an email. “It is unfortunate that outside agitators feel the need to influence what we do locally.”

This is just the latest in a nationwide trend that has seen drag queen story hours become a target of far-right extremists, who have launched online doxxing campaigns and protests in an attempt to make every community live the exact same bland, fearful, colorless, closed-minded existence as they do.


Finally, in local rebranding news, Xenos is changing its name to Dwell, which sounds like the name of an upscale home furnishing shop one might find in Easton.