Corporations with local ties step up in the COVID-19 fight and an update on local restaurants offering takeout and delivery

Columbus’ Battelle found itself in the midst of a political firestorm over the weekend. The company recently announced that it had pioneered modular technology that can sterilize up to 80,000 pieces of PPE (personal protective equipment) per day, aiding against the equipment shortages that have made the coronavirus fight all the more difficult for frontline health care workers. Initially, the FDA only gave the company approval to clean 10,000 pieces per day, a decision that was met with a harsh rebuke from Gov. Mike DeWine, which rolled uphill to President Donald Trump, who, of course, took the issue to Twitter (RIP the mentions of WOSU reporter Paige Pfleger). Late Sunday, the FDA reversed field and approved Battelle’s Critical Care Decontamination System to operate at full capacity.


Abbott Laboratories, a major Columbus employer, also announced news about its own pioneering technology over the weekend, receiving FDA approval for a coronavirus test that can deliver results in just five minutes. With the U.S. struggling to produce enough COVID-19 detection tests, the news is a major breakthrough in the fight against the growing pandemic. The technology builds on Illinois-based Abbott’s ID Now platform, the most common point-of-care test currently available in the U.S. with more than 18,000 units spread across the country. Abbott plans to provide about 5 million tests a month.


We’re continuing to update our list of restaurants providing takeout and delivery services amid the ongoing COVID-19 dine-in ban. On Friday, Ambrose and Eve, which had offered a limited carry-out menu the past two weeks, bowed out, opting to close its doors until the closures end. “I’m sad to say today we decided to close,” chef and co-owner Catie Randazzo wrote on Facebook. “But it’s OK. We are working on a plan. We will reopen. We will survive this. … Let’s just see it as a break to reset and come back stronger than ever.”

Also, be sure to visit Alive every Monday during the shutdown to read dining reviews focused exclusively on takeout options (today, we’ve got Lindey’s; next week, Service Bar).