Writer D.A. Stewart and Monthly editor Dave Ghose go deep on Stev Guyer and the theater's toxic history

Late Shadowbox founder Stev Guyer, often celebrated for his brilliance and his eccentricity, also concealed a darker side, overseeing a theater whose culture could at times be toxic, according to a new investigative feature in Columbus Monthly.

The magazine writes:

Guyer was long known as a harsh boss, and his multiple romantic relationships with Shadowbox subordinates over the years were something of an open secret. But his behavior also crossed the line into harassment, sexual misconduct and bullying, five former employees tell Columbus Monthly. They accuse Guyer of making lewd comments, touching them without permission and forcibly kissing them, while 10 other former employees describe a broader toxic culture, including other male employees making crude remarks and slapping women’s butts. Two former female employees allege that a current Shadowbox performer assaulted them while they were on the job, reaching down their pants and inserting a finger in their vaginas.

In addition to this history, the article highlights the work new Shadowbox head Stacie Boord (pictured) has done to move the theater in a gentler direction, at least offstage, all while working through her complex feelings about Guyer amid these revelations.

“It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” she told writers D.A. Stewart and Dave Ghose. “I didn’t know that side of him.”

Please do give the whole thing a read here.