Making coronavirus jokes during a pandemic is a risky bet. These people went all in and busted.

They say Time + Tragedy = Comedy. Sometimes people forget about the first part of the equation. Still, even with enough time, these jokes probably still wouldn’t be funny.


Mike Huckabee

The reigning king of unfunny Twitter never disappoints. There’s plenty to pick from in Huckabee’s feed, but this one, in which he announces a forthcoming appearance on Fox News program “Outnumbered,” is sufficiently dumb: “...they won't allow me on the couch due to social distancing. And I just don't think those ladies like me. C'mon, man! I ain't Joe "Bitin" or anything!”


Dave Yost

Following in the footsteps of wannabe Twitter comedian Huckabee, Ohio’s Attorney General managed to joke about two simultaneous scourges in our state: COVID and opioids. “A little humor in the midst of the crisis,” Yost tweeted on Monday, along with a photo of a hand holding “Dime bags of Toilet Paper. Pure, uncut, premium quilted. $10.” Ugh.



While this year most people and local media outlets refrained from participating in April Fools’ Day (which should be the custom, if we’re being honest), having correctly taken the global temperature, the same couldn’t be said of K-pop star Jaejoong of JYJ (which is a thing, we guess), who embraced the occasion to hop on Instagram and inform his fans that he’d tested positive for the coronavirus, taking time to “apologize to those who could have been infected because of me.” APRIL FOOLS! As expected, the post was quickly followed by a lengthy apology.


John Cornyn

On Twitter, the Texas senator posted a photo of a Corona beer, complete with lime, along with the caption, “Be smart; don’t panic. We will get us through this,” adding the hashtag #coronavirus for effect. The joke would be forgivably lame if not for Cornyn returning to the platform not long after to chide his Democratic colleagues, writing, “This is a national emergency and Democrats need to start treating it with the seriousness it deserves.” Oh?


Sal Governale

During a Feb. 24 episode of “The Howard Stern Show,” the staffer cracked that Korean pop group BTS, who had been in SiriusXM’s New York headquarters the previous week, were carriers of the virus, a statement that earned a strong rebuke from Stern, as well as listener complaints. Governale, who later inexplicably doubled down on his racist statements on air with Stern (“I walked into the lobby and it was like Chinatown, out of control, there were so many Asian people,” he said), is certainly not the only person to weigh in on the pandemic in the most racist terms possible (stay tuned), but he espoused these views on one of the most prominent platforms available.


Big & Rich

The country act recently released lighthearted single “Stay Home,” and, to be fair, the overarching sentiment of the song rings true. The comedic aspect doesn’t fall completely flat, either, but this one still makes the list because the song is terrible.


Donald Trump

Because of course. During a recent press conference, the pandemic president, who has long insisted on referring to COVID-19 as the “Wuhan virus,” because there’s nothing he can’t twist in the most racist terms possible, slipped a crack about his, uh, romantic history with models (a regrettable picture, pandemic or not) between mentions of hundreds of thousands of Americans expected to die from the coronavirus. And even Fox News reported on it, so his base can’t twist it into another tale fabricated by the mainstream “fake news” media.