The Barnesville Exempted Village Board of Education met June 18 and approved a long list of one year supplemental contracts.

They included: Blake Allen, head football coach; D.J. Butler, offensive coordinator; Bryce Allen, defensive coordinator; Luke Johnson, assistant football coach; Dylan Rogers, assistant football coach; Chris Hannahs, assistant football coach; Kimberly Jarrett, head volleyball coach; Karie Hunkler, assistant volleyball coach; Mark Brown, head cross country coach; Melissa Dodd, assistant cross country coach; Jerry Robinson, head golf coach; Lauren King, head cheer coach; Abby McClellad, assistant cheer coach; Johnny Hines, head boys’ basketball coach; Shane Stephens, assistant boys’ basketball coach; Jason Perkins, head girls’ basketball coach; Ty Leach, assistant girls’ basketball coach; Jayson Stephen, head wrestling coach; Richard Milhoan, assistant wrestling coach; Bobbi Jo Johnson, head swim coach; D.J. Butler, head baseball coach; Jeff Miller, assistant baseball coach; Kelley Hanlon, head softball coach; Ted Hanlon, assistant softball coach; Dylan Rogers, head boys’ track coach; Mark Brown, head boys’ track coach; Melissa Dodd, assistant girls’ track coach; Melissa Dodd, Title I co-coordinator; Shelly Ryder, Title I co-coordinator. 

In other business, the board approved:

* A donation of $100 from Angela Bahmer to the cafeteria fund. 

* FY2020 Budgetary Adjustments for appropriations and estimated revenues as presented.

* FY2021 Temporary Appropriations and official amended certificate adjustments.

* A fund to fund transfer in the amount of $50,000 from the general fund to the cafeteria fund to cover a deficit fund balance.

* The enclosed MOU between the school district and the Barnesville Education Association.

* One year classified probationary contracts, effective July 1, for Cynthia Mayhugh, Stacey Marcum, John McCort, Denise Cacioppo, and Robert Stitzer.

* A continuing classified contract, effective July 1, for Leah Stephen. 

* Membership with the Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding.

* Contract with the Valley Behavioral Health.

* Service agreement with the Ohio Hills Health Services.

* The following classified substitutes: Tim Rockwell, Timmy Arnold and Timothy Trip.

* The Occupational Therapy Service Agreement between the school district and the East Central Ohio Educational Service Center.

* Agreement with The Nutrition Group.

* The following lunch prices for the upcoming school year (increased $0.10 per lunch) — Elementary school, $2.75; middle school, $2.85; and high school, $3.00.

* Ala Carte item prices.

* The following policies — Family and Medical Leave Act Expansion, Family and Medical Leave Act Expansion-Regulations; Emergency Paid Sick Leave, and Emergency Paid Sick Leave-Regulations. 

* Reviewed the AFC-1 and Evaluation of Professional Staff policies.