Roswell Village Council

Aug. 20 meeting

KEY ACTION Passed a resolution to allow money to be moved into the Park Fund. The playground renovation has been completed but additional expenses were incurred.

DISCUSSION It was noted that the total of all expenses was $1,627, with $600 being approved originally. Signs still need to be purchased to prevent parking on the grass. Councilman Dan Beach said he wants to relocate the spring rocker so that it is on the newly renovated portion of the playground.


* Approved for the applications to be sent to the Moomaw Foundation by Aug. 31 and the Rosenberry Grant by Dec. 31.

* Approved up to $150 for water heater repairs made by Jeff Cottrell.

* Passed a resolution which approves the amounts and rates as set by the County Auditor.


* Mayor Cathy Beach said there is a community service worker coming in to clean the Community building.

* Solicitor Brett Hillyer said he will have a resolution drawn up for the EMS contract by next meeting.

* Beach said they have not heard anything from Engineer Jeff Carr recently so don’t know what is going on with the Sewer Project. They do need to complete new LMI surveys which will be sent to OMEGA to determine if Roswell qualifies for the LMI (Low to Middle income) funding.

UP NEXT Will meet on Thursday, at 6 p.m., in the Community building.