On Saturday, Aug. 11,  the Ashland community will honor the service of our veterans with a celebration at the Ashland County Airport. It will be a patriotic event with ceremony, free entertainment, free meals, fireworks, military aircraft and activities for children. This is a great way for our community to show our respect and gratitude to our veterans.

More importantly, it's a great way to teach our children and grandchildren about the sacrifice and service the veterans make. It teaches our children to be patriotic and love and cherish America and its goodness and the role veterans play.

I know young veterans live busy lives and many old veterans have difficulty just getting up and around on a Saturday. Nevertheless, in our world where children see cultural "heroes" disrespect the country and our flag, we have a duty to show the children another way, another set of values. Veterans are no stranger to the call of duty. So, to all you veterans out there, duty calls. Get up on Saturday, grab your children or grandchildren, and come out to be honored and enjoy yourself at the Ashland County Veterans Appreciation Day. Your community is waiting for you and the children will learn a meaningful lesson in patriotism.

P.S. Women, don't let your men come alone as Marilyn Monroe and Ann Margaret will be making their appearance.

Robert DeSanto