Preview: The Show: The 133rd Annual Student Exhibition

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive
"All Shook Out," by Shawn McBride

More than 1,300 students are enrolled at the Columbus College of Art and Design, and this annual summer-long showcase exhibits the best of 'em.

Each division of study at the university submits what the professors think are the best work made during the school year. The result, called "The Show: The 133rd Annual Student Exhibition," is a top-notch discussion of multiple mediums - from fashion design to animation, cinematic arts to interior design.

"The exhibit functions in a lot of different ways," said fine arts Professor Tim Rietenbach. "We want it to be a holistic look at the school."

Also on view: a woman wearing a feather bra riding a giant flea.

"That will be a crowd-pleaser for sure," said Rietenbach of the 12-foot-by-12-foot sculpture of the massive bug, which the school's 3D illustration department made specifically for "The Show."

"You're going to like something in here. And for the members of the industry in the city, it's always good to see what young artists are doing now," Rietenbach said. "It reminds you of how challenging it is to be inventive. It makes you to not take it for granted and internally re-examine that part of yourself."

Plus, might we remind you, a giant flea.

CCAD's Canzani Center Gallery

May 11-Sept. 14

60 Cleveland Ave., Downtown