Preview: Robin Hood by Actors' Theatre

Heather Gross, Columbus Alive

This year Actors' Theatre of Columbus is kicking off its summer season in Schiller Park with a new work based on one of the world's most legendary badasses: Robin Hood.

"Robin Hood," written by local playwright and Actors' Theatre performer Philip Hickman, portrays how Robin Hood became a good Samaritan/outlaw.

"It's all pre-legend," explained director John S. Kuhn, artistic director of the theater troupe. "We see him as a young man. His father is killed, and he's thrust from his noble upbringing. He has to struggle to regain what he lost in terms of position and his relationships."

Those who take their blankets and picnic baskets to the free show will be treated to appearances by the famous characters from the legend - Maid Marian, the Sheriff of Nottingham and my personal favorite, Little John - as well as to lots of fight scenes featuring swords, quarterstaves and "found objects," according to Kuhn.

Schiller Park

May 24-June 24

1069 Jaeger St., German Village