Preview: 48: Bicentennial at MadLab Theatre

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

MadLab’s latest foray into instant theater is a nod to Columbus’ 200th birthday.

During “48: Bicentennial,” writers will craft six two-act plays in 48 hours. Actors will perform the first acts on Saturday and the second acts on Sunday.

As if that time crunch wasn’t enough of a challenge for the playwrights, the writers are switching off midway through the plays, so the second acts will be completed by different people than those who wrote the first.

Each writer is randomly assigned actors who will be photographed in costume with a prop. They must use the images as inspiration and write a first-act script by 8 a.m. Saturday. The story has to somehow be about, reference or be a fictional concoction of Columbus history.

“It is a fun element to throw into the mix and put the MadLab flag in the bicentennial celebration,” said the theater group’s spokesman Stephen Woosley, “and if we’re not careful, we just might learn something about the history of our fine city.”

References to Columbus’ history as a cowtown, Ohio State football post-game riots and Jack Hanna’s heroic role in ending the Cuban Missile Crisis are, we assume, likely to ensue. (Full disclosure: That Jack Hanna thing didn’t really happen.) Tickets are $12.

[Credit: Peter Graybeal photo]


8 p.m. Saturday & Sunday, June 30 & July 1

227 N. Third St., Downtown