Theresa Caputo of "Long Island Medium" at the Palace

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Theresa Caputo has been communicating with spirits since she was four years old. It took an emotional toll on her until she was in her thirties and fully accepted her ability. Now, she’s the star of the reality series “Long Island Medium.” Caputo will give a live Columbus audience the chance to experience her “gift” when she appears Monday at the Palace Theatre.

The defining moments of “Long Island Medium” are Caputo channeling spirits, usually the lost loved ones of her clients. The most exciting and unexpected moments come when she encounters a stranger and immediately senses the presence of a spirit. Sometimes she’s compelled to approach the person to tell them what she’s feeling.

“If I’m out and about, I pretty much feel a spirit all the time. It’s just whether they’re pushing me enough to give a message to somebody,” said Caputo. “Spirit respects me now because I’m so recognizable. If I go out for an hour, at least 20 people will come up to me, ‘Love the show, love what you’ve done, thank you for giving me peace, I’m not afraid to die,’ and say things like that.”

Skeptics may say the show is a hoax, but Caputo promises she’s the genuine article. And she’ll prove it, if given the chance. She wins over non-believers when giving them a reading because it’s really not her doing anything.

“This is why I always say what I do is not about me. It’s so much bigger than me, speaking to those who’ve crossed over. Spirit really guides me to who needs the message. Nobody has ever said a negative word,” said Caputo. “It’s not me that wows them — it’s spirit. I’m just conveying what they’re telling me. I give all the credit to spirit. I’m just crazy enough to answer them.”

Palace Theatre

7:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 29

34 W. Broad St., Downtown