Daily Distraction: Gear up for a new My Morning Jacket album

Joel Oliphint

My Morning Jacket released The Waterfall in 2015, and while frontman Jim James has put out plenty of solo music in the meantime, the band has stayed pretty quiet. Back in 2017, in an Alive interview with MMJ keyboard player Bo Koster, the Ohio native wondered if My Morning Jacket had missed its opportunity to release more music from the Waterfall sessions.

"We had thought we’d go back in and finish a second record because we had so much left over,” Koster said. “It’s been so long now that I think nobody wants to go back and revisit that stuff. We don’t want to go back in time. We’re different people now. In hindsight we probably should have just soldiered on and made a double record. It was a little ambitious to expect that we would revisit it.”

Turns out it wasn't too late. My Morning Jacket will release The Waterfall II on Friday, July 10. Included in the track list is the song "Magic Bullet," which the band released as a single in 2016, accompanied by a statement of anti-violence. "If we say nothing, then nothing will ever change. And things have got to change," the band wrote, in part. Check out "Magic Bullet" below.