Daily Distraction: Writer Tom Junod goes long on 'The Hero of Goodall Park'

Andy Downing
Screenshot from "The Hero of Goodall Park"

The most recent long-read from ESPN Senior Writer Tom Junod had me hooked me from the third graph:

Two people die in this story, one old and one very young. Two people kill in this story too, and one of the killers is also one of the victims. They're connected. Everything in this story is connected. There is a terrible secret kept and a score settled. There is a crime solved. There is a burden passed down from generation to generation and a burden finally lifted. Everyone who hears the story feels the need to interpret it; so do those unlucky enough to have experienced it. They all become philosophers and theologians; they talk about fate and karma, they talk about the turn of the cosmic wheel and the miracle of peace, and they talk about everything happening for a reason because it's too hard to imagine it happening for no reason at all.

If that's not enough to compel you to give it a read, well, I don't know what to say. Those who do click through, though, will be rewarded with an absolute masterclass in story craft, as Junod skillfully weaves together events that span decades. 

There's also a companion video streaming on-demand here, but it pales in comparison with the written version.