Daily Distraction: It's Monday, so listen to new Bill Callahan

Joel Oliphint
Bill Callahan

Mondays can be a bummer, but lately a little less so. Every Monday, Bill Callahan is streaming a new song from his forthcoming album, Gold Record, due out on Drag City in September. 

We're halfway through the album now, with five songs out of 10 available on Bandcamp. I'm of the mind that Callahan's songwriting skills have only grown stronger since his days in Smog, and each new track from Gold Record seems to support that assertion, including today's addition, "The Mackenzies."

As usual, Callahan peppers the track with baritone bits of wry, plainspoken wisdom amid a cinematic, left-of-center narrative. In "The Mackenzies," a man's car breaks down outside the titular characters' home, and he ends up drifting off to sleep in a formerly occupied bedroom. The ending should be creepy, as the man awakens to two figures in the doorway, but instead the culmination is oddly comforting: "Son, it's OK," they tell him, over and over again. "We're OK."

Listen to "The Mackenzies" below.