Daily Distraction: The world catches up to Protomartyr's bleak sound

Andy Downing

Protomartyr's music has always been both darkly humorous and unrelentingly bleak, but with new album Ultimate Success Today, it feels as if a broken planet has finally caught up to the Detroit post-punk crew. Witness the meat-grinding "Processed By the Boys," on which singer Joe Casey tries to envision how the world could end, referencing both "a riot in the streets" and "a foreign disease washed upon the beach" — scenarios he imagined long before the coronavirus entered our lexicon and protesters jammed the streets in defiance of law enforcement. 

Regardless of the depressing connotations, the song itself absolutely rips, built around a terse bulldog of a riff courtesy wildly underrated guitarist Greg Ahee.

Check the track out in the accompanying video below.