Daily Distraction: Tricky is the one who knocks

Andy Downing

Back in 1998, some friends and I went to Tricky's concert at the Odeon in Cleveland. Prior to the show, we chatted briefly with the British musician, with one of my pals offering him some Peanut M&Ms, which Tricky declined with a laugh, saying, "I don't eat sweets."

The laugh stuck with me, though, since up to that point I'd always viewed Tricky in a somewhat sinister light, owing to everything from the creepy, vaguely religious images that dotted the liner notes of Pre-Millennium Tension to his habit of not facing the audience during early concerts, where the musician tended to deliver his raspy words with his back to the crowd, like a priest during a traditional Latin service.

It was all a bit... unsettling. Especially when contrasted with the beauty of songs such as "Makes Me Wanna Die," a fragile, hypnotic trip-hop tune with a chill-inducing, serpent-filled video.

New song "I'm In the Doorway," featuring a lovely vocal turn from Oh Land, captures a similarly eerie beauty. "It's my version of pop music," Tricky said in a press release, which means the sound is just far enough left-of-center that it remains uniquely his own. Give it a listen below.