Daily Distraction: Andy Shauf rolls out 'Clove Cigarette'

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive
Andy Shauf

Andy Shauf visited Columbus in February, playing a show at Ace of Cups just weeks before the coronavirus shut down much of the concert industry nationwide.

The show was in support of the folksy rocker's then just-released record, Neon Skyline, a song-cycle whose loose narrative — the album's central figure spends a night drinking indoors with friends (unmasked!)  now feels as if it emerged from a bygone era.

A new video for album track "Clove Cigarette" plays up this idea, unfolding like hazy memories of better days. “The song is about half-forgotten moments, so Jared [Raab] and I wanted to make something dreamlike and imperfect,” video co-director Colin Medley said in a press release.

“I was having doubts about it and thinking that something big had to happen in the story for it to be worthwhile,” Shauf said in a February interview with Alive of the simple tale at the album's core. “But there was a certain point where I realized that if you’re writing about a night out at the bar, usually in that night out you’re thinking, ‘This could be the night something big happens.’ And seven beers later you are walking home like, ‘Well, that was that.’ And nothing happens. And those nights are always [filled with] small details and this imagined, glorious thing that you think will happen, and it never does. Then you wake up and do it all again.”

Watch the video for "Clove Cigarette" below.