Daily Distraction: Listen to the new Mountain Goats song inspired by poet Maggie Smith

Andy Downing

In Dec. 2018, with her marriage unraveling, Columbus poet and essayist Maggie Smith posted to Twitter, imagining a photo essay in which a divorced woman would drive cross-country with her rumpled wedding dress, photographing it in diverse locales.

The tweet caught the eye of Mountain Goats singer and songwriter John Darnielle, who was struck by the imagery and adopted the title for a new song, "Picture of My Dress," which appears on the band's excellently titled new album, Getting Into Knives, due out Oct. 23.

In a later tweet, Smith noted how the development was yet another sign that everything was going to be OK, which is a recurring theme in the poet's recently released Keep Moving, a collection of essays and "notes to self" that find Smith overcoming the end of her marriage and rediscovering a future filled with promise.

“I think what happened [with my divorce] is for the best, but it was alarming to look at the future and not know what is coming next for me," Smith said in an early October interview with Alive. "But I guess the way I look at it now is that five years ago I would not have predicted all of the best and worst things that have happened to me in the last five years. I couldn’t have foreseen any of this, good or bad. So if I can project that into the future, I know there are going to be things that have happened, both bad and wonderful, that I can’t conceive of. And that doesn’t really scare me because I’m OK now — even if me from five years ago wouldn’t have known it — and I’m reasonably sure I’ll be fine in another five years.”

Listen to "Picture of My Dress" below.