Daily Distraction: Listen to Micah Schnabel's existential crisis

Andy Downing

"Existential Dread Machine" begins with Micah Schnabel taking aim at cellular technology, which keeps us glued to the world's horrors as they unfold onscreen. 

The Columbus musician (some might say theBest Columbus Musician) then steadily lifts his gaze to a world falling deeper into chaos, referencing deepening conspiracy theories, global pandemics and rampant political malfeasance. "This is my first fascist, societal collapse," he offers in his sing-speak cadence.

It's not all hopeless, though, and as the song draws to a close, Schnabel aligns himself with the youthful protesters taking to the streets and demanding change.

"Now I genuflect to the people/not some shrine to the swine," he sings. "I’m with the kids in the streets/reclaiming their time."

Listen to the song in full below.