Daily Distraction: Join in the hunt for Bigfoot

Andy Downing
"All Gas No Breaks"

Circa college, my dad was a whitewater rafter and river guide, and these explorations fueled one of his more unique side pursuits: Bigfoot hunter.

Growing up in Akron, our basement housed some of the fruits of these labors, including dog-eared wilderness maps and a handful of plaster casts of "Bigfoot" footprints. Because of this, my ears still perk up whenever I hear anyone talk about Bigfoot, including on this newly released episode of "All Gas No Breaks." (The show has spent time this year covering everything from COVID-era spring break parties to the Proud Boys, so profiling Sasquatch hunters was likely a welcome escape.)

Like my dad, the hosts never actually spot the legendary creature, but that doesn't mean it isn't a journey worth taking. Join the search in the video below.