Daily Distraction: Listen to the song a journalist wrote with Jeff Tweedy

Joel Oliphint
Jeff Tweedy

In mid-October, Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy released a book, How to Write One Song, along with a new solo album, Love is the King. Writer Grayson Haver Currin decided to put the advice in Tweedy's new book to the test alongside Tweedy himself, so the two hunkered down at the Loft, Wilco's sprawling Chicago studio. 

Haver Currin documented how it all went down in a story for Vulture, which is well worth your time. “This is to remind myself what the possibilities are in language, to disorient myself," Tweedy says at one point during the process, illuminating the purpose behind the initial awkward, free-form stage of the songwriting exercise. "This is where bad poets live, because they haven’t translated this language back into something someone else could see. You should aspire to make a connection.”

Check out the collaborative song, "Chalking Up My Mountain," below.