Daily Distraction: Listen to a live record from some Nuclear So & So's

Joel Oliphint

In an era of Columbus music that feels like an eternity ago, Margot and the Nuclear So & So's used to make frequent stops here, partially because Columbus ex-pat and multi-instrumentalist Erik Kang played in the band.

Over the years, Margot shows grew less frequent, and these days frontman Richard Edwards is pursuing a solo career. But on New Year's Eve 2017, "Richard Edwards and his Nuclear So & So's" performed at the (now-closed) HI-Fi in New York City. That recorded set will be available on a live LP out on Dec. 1 and is streaming now via Bandcamp

Check out the live version of one of my favorite Margot tracks, "Talking in Code," below. Underneath that, you'll find a performance of "Claws Off" from 2010, when Margot visited local (now-defunct) Electraplay Studios for a (also defunct) Donewaiting.com "Live at Electraplay" session.

Moral of the story: Things are ephemeral.